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Our Services

At Force One Security and Consulting, we provide a wide range of security and consulting services, ranging from routine physical security to protecting companies and organizations concerned about their vulnerabilities, potential liabilities, and protection of their assets.

On-site protection

We serve our clients by consistently providing the highest quality professional, independent security services, unbiased security vulnerability assessments and threat analysis. We offer effective on-site security patrol, recommendations and guidance, project management, and security program management services.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best security information and physical security to protect our client's best interests and assets. We will work with our clients to reduce or eliminate risk and liability. On our client's behalf, we will approach each individual case to find the best solution and execute a thorough plan of action.

Force One Security

Crime is progressing faster as time passes.Being knowledgeable of the crime trends are a fundamental priority for businesses. One out of three U.S. business failures is attributed to crime. $85 billion a year is lost in white collar crime alone. Retail thefts are thought to exceed $30 billion. A reduction is reflected directly on the bottom line of a business. Thus a reduction in shrinkage of a fraction of a percent can have the same effect on profits of hundreds of millions in new sales.

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Force One Security

Security is one of the highest concerns for homeowners, residents in apartment complexes, gated communities, HOAs, condominiums, and other managed communities. All residents want to live in a safe, secure community, and we have the experience and dedication to make that happen. With over 3 million burglaries occurring in homes each year, residents can't afford to overlook security. Our professional security personnel will ensure the safety and protection of your home.

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Owned & operated by police officers

Force One Security and Consulting is owned and operated by Lamont Semien, who has been an officer for over 10 years and is well qualified and certified in the areas of law enforcement, business and personal security. Lamont takes pride in assisting society in protecting themselves and their assets through self awareness, planning and education.

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